Home Interior And Exterior Photography Helps Agents Sell!

We’ve been working on selling homes and it takes a lot of great photographs to help us answer questions buyers may have. It’s important to have pictures of every part of the home because it cuts down on the emails and phone calls that can be answered with a good photo. We used to be asked things like how many rooms there are and what their size is, but with the right photos that pretty much can be answered and we also try to include all of the information we can just to be sure people know.

Of course, you do want people to come and see the home in person so they can really start to fall in love with it. When we get photos of the outside we can make it a home that people can see themselves checking into because it looks nice. With a bad cell phone photo of a place, it kind of makes it look terrible even if it’s not all that bad. We’re sure that when people want to buy a home they are going to be more likely to spend money on one that looks nice in photos than one they don’t even want to come and see!

Hello and welcome

Hello and thanks for stopping by. My name is Jake and my passion is Home Photography (Interior And Exterior). I love taking photos of homes for some reason – there’s a beauty in a carefully crafted dwelling that when captured in the right background, can represent someone’s home, their life, their identity.

Photographing homes can be difficult. Sure, taking a picture of the outside of a home is fairly easy but interior photography is a lot harder. It takes a photographer with a really good eye and the ability to use light to get the most out of a house’s interior. It might sound simple but it is not. Just take a look at the images that you have taking inside of your house and find the good pictures and the bad ones. You will see that the good pictures are all about the subject matter, light and less about the house itself.

When you hire a photographer to take images of your home, you need to make sure that they truly know what they are doing and that they can make your interior shine and make it inviting. A good photographer would want to do a walk through to figure out how light and the sun make your house look. They might even suggest taking pictures at different times of the day to get the best images based on available sunlight.

Realize that it takes a lot of skill and know how to take great pictures of a house. In this blog, I’d like to share my home photography tips for interiors and exteriors.

I’ve been able to get photos of a few homes for sellers or people interested in looking at a home to buy it. There are quite a few reasons why people need professional photos, but mostly I do it so someone doesn’t have to visit to see if they like it. Consider it a way to get someone a better idea of what to expect so you don’t waste their time. It is always better to have a buyer enjoy something before they come out so you’re not dealing with people that it’s not a good fit for

Homes need someone to frame them right in their interior and exterior photos for them to turn out well. When I go and do exteriors, I make sure that the weather is right, that the sun is in a good place, and I don’t let anything be in the way or to clutter up my photo. I feel like a lot of people that are amateurs just point and shoot without thinking about how little that helps them sell. When you work with someone that knows what they are doing it gives you a much better chance of selling quickly!