Great Tips On Exterior And Interior Photographs

So I thought I would put together a nice list of tips on getting great photos for shooting interiors of homes, as well as the exterior. As I’ve said before, a great photo can “sell” the home even before the prospective client steps in. Haven’t you ever seen something online and knew that you wanted it?

I met a blogger that handles Home Building Trends MN, a Minnesota blog that talks about home building, home improvement, and business. We got talking about how some of the siding that they useĀ has improved so much in quality that you can even see the wood grain in high-res photos. It’s the little things that contribute to the whole.

1. Always wait until the conditions are right for exterior photographs. I find that people that try to take them close to nighttime, during a storm, or in other bad situations tend to have them turn out poorly.

2. Work with filters that actually don’t take away from your photographs. The key is to never just go with automatic settings or what sites offer for photo filters that you can’t work with to make them more precise.

3. Have a nice looking yard when you’re doing exterior photos, and only get photos of a clean home on the inside. People aren’t going to focus on how nice a home is if there is something in frame that makes it look like a pain to clean up or keep up with.

4. Invest in a camera that will last and that takes good photos. Sure, I can use my smartphone to help me take pictures, but at the end of the day it’s mainly made for quick social media photos and not really ones on a professional level. I’ve always found that a dedicated camera makes for better quality photos and it’s also better because you don’t get phone calls when using it!

So if you were to take pictures of a home, how would you go about it? What would you think about as a person to make sure it looks fantastic and has that shine to it that you are going to fall in love with? I know that is a good question because there are so many people who are either looking to get photos taken or are hoping to get someone to do it for them.

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